Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 1


My name is Sandor Ruff and today is my first day in my new home.

I am only 13 weeks old but I have had a hard life so far. My mom died when I was a week old and I was bottle fed by my foster mom in South Carolina. My foster mom called me and my litter mates after the people in the hunger games. My original name was Cinna. I moved from South Carolina to Baltimore, MD and I was fostered by an amazing lady called Ann Coleman who works with BARCS. Ann and her husband Dave took very good care of me but Ann's dog Stella couldn't get used to my boisterous puppy ways.

Then Ann remembered that her friends Jen and Rob had mentioned that they wanted a second dog. So she contacted them on Facebook and they said they'd like to meet me. So today I got in Ann's Nissan and we went to Glen Burnie to meet Jen and Rob. When we arrived Jen and Rob came out of their house with their dog Pepper. Pepper was not that interested in me at first. We went for a short walk in the park near their house and Pepper did her own thing and I did mine. When we got back to the house, Pepper was ready to play with me. Jen and Rob have a nice big back yard so we ran and played and got quite muddy as it was raining. Pepper and I got on very well. We could share toys and treats and were not jealous of each other. Ann and Dave were very sad they had to leave me behind but they knew I had found a good place.

My new parents, Rob and Jen are big Game of Thrones fans. They decided to change my name to Sandor (a character from the show who has the nickname "The Hound"). After playing with my sister for two hours, we had a nice long nap. I have already learned where to sit to get my treat and I have been very good about going outside to go potty. I am looking forward to telling you about all of my adventures.


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