Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 3

This morning my mom had a nice lady called Jennifer come around to meet me. Jennifer is going to come every day to let me out at lunch time so I don't have to hold my pees and poos for too long. Then my mom put me in the crate so she could go to work. I was not happy and did a lot of yowling. It wasn't too long until my pet sitter came. She fed me lunch and let me out to play in the back yard for a while. Then I had to go back in the crate until my mom came home.

Mom and me sat out the back and mom did her microbiology work. I tried to help mom by bringing her some sticks to help with the microbiology. Mom wasn't that impressed. I got a really big stick but I couldn't get it up the steps. Maybe when I am bigger. Then I barked at the cover on the BBQ which was flapping in the wind. Mom says I need to get better hobbies and showed me that the cover was not too scarey. Then mom had to go back to work for her night class so it was back in the crate again.

But very soon after that my Daddy came home with my sister. My sister was in a better mood and played with me in the back yard for a while. I love the yard. My sister introduced me to digging. It is SO MUCH FUN. I have made my very own hole. I'm not sure what we are digging for but I like it. Then my dad took me on a nice long walk. I met another dog called Violet on the walk. This was my longest walk yet-Dad said we did the "big"block. I was very tired when we got back and took a nice nap while Dad had dinner. Before I knew it Mom was home again and we snuggled for a while.

Dad told Mom that one of my front baby teeth is missing. Mom says we really have to go see the vet so we can learn what is right for puppies like me and start to get my vaccinations. I am quite tired. Today was a big day with lots of activity.


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