Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 5

Mom and Dad were very very happy this morning as I slept from 12.30 am to 8am. The humans seem much happier when I let them sleep more. I think I just needed to adjust to the sounds of the house at night.We had some nice play time and then I had to go in the crate while everyone went to work. One day I will have my vaccines and I can go to doggie daycare with my sister. But for now, I have to stay home and wait for Sabanna to come and let me out at lunch time. When my sister came home we had a big play in the back yard and I got very tired. Mom and Dad put me in the crate and went out for dinner. When they came home I was very hyper and did a lot of barking and running around. However, I got nice and tired again and was able to sleep from 2am to 8am which the humans appreciated.


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