Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 7

Today was the first day I was very bad. It was a normal day at the start. I went in the crate while my mom and dad went to work and Sabanna came to play with me and let me go outside at 1pm.

Mom got home at around 4.30 and she was very tired. So she wanted to watch TV and have a little break. I was busy playing outside and when I came in mom had nodded off on the sofa. I am normally a good boy but while mom was asleep I went down to the green room and did a giant poop on the floor, despite the fact that the back door as open and I could have easily gone outside.

Mom was very angry when she found the poop but she said at least it was on the tiled floor not the carpet and she cleaned it up with bleach. I don't really see what the problem is. When you gotta poo, you gotta poo.

Then later my sister came home from doggie day care and we were supposed to play while mom cooked dinner. However, we kept getting in fights over toys and chew bones. Whatever my sister had, I wanted and vice versa. In the end my mom had to sit between me and my sister on the sofa and wait for dad to get home to cook dinner. Then when dinner was ready, I jumped up and swiped a huge chunk of food off mom's plate. Mom was livid. I know I am not supposed to have human food or bother the humans while eating but it did smell very good and I am fast, I knew I could grab some without anyone noticing. Mom was very angry and there was a lot of yelling. I knew I was bad and I went and laid on the sofa and looked sorry. Mom came and petted me so I knew I was forgiven.

Well, the upside of being so bad was that I was very tired and let the humans have a good long sleep.


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