Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 8

Now it is this thing they call the "weekend". The weekend is very good as both my mom and dad are home all day and I don't have to go in the crate. After my breakfast my sister and I went out and played outside for a long time. We barked at people in the park, chewed on chewies and generally had a good time together. Then we came in and had a nice snuggle nap with Daddy on the sofa.

My sister definitely tolerates me more now. I can get quite close to her. I still have to be careful and watch her for cues and back off if she tells me to but I hope one day I can snuggle with her. The humans always want to snuggle me, but I would rather snuggle my sister than any human. Also, my sister does not like it when I nip her. Mostly I nip her to show her I want to play but she has made it very clear that she does not like that AT ALL. Also my sister does not like it when I put my face in her food or even lick her bowl. My mom has to be careful to pick up the bowl quickly as if I was anywhere near the bowl, my sister won't eat anything out of it. Also, mom has to change the water about 10 times a day as I seem to constantly get mud, bits of leaves etc. in there. My sister Pepper won't drink the dirty water. I will drink ANYTHING. I love to slurp up puddles or lick the water off my mom's legs when she gets out of the shower. Yesterday, I tried to jump in the shower while my mom was in there.

Also my sister doesn't like it when the humans yell as she is very sensitive to that. She cannot understand the humans are yelling at me, not at her and she looks sad and upset when she hears the yelling. So my mom and dad have to comfort her a lot and tell he she is good. I am trying to be good but I am so curious about the world, I have to investigate everything and see what everything tastes like and smells like. Also, if I find something I like, I have to bring it in the house. So now the living room is full of sticks, leaves and muddy toys. Mom is angry as she says something called "grandparents" are coming tomorrow and that we have to clean up before they come. And that my piles of chewed up leaves and sticks are a big mess that have to be cleaned up.


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