Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 8

Now it is this thing they call the "weekend". The weekend is very good as both my mom and dad are home all day and I don't have to go in the crate. After my breakfast my sister and I went out and played outside for a long time. We barked at people in the park, chewed on chewies and generally had a good time together. Then we came in and had a nice snuggle nap with Daddy on the sofa.

My sister definitely tolerates me more now. I can get quite close to her. I still have to be careful and watch her for cues and back off if she tells me to but I hope one day I can snuggle with her. The humans always want to snuggle me, but I would rather snuggle my sister than any human. Also, my sister does not like it when I nip her. Mostly I nip her to show her I want to play but she has made it very clear that she does not like that AT ALL. Also my sister does not like it when I put my face in her food or even lick her bowl. My mom has to be careful to pick up the bowl quickly as if I was anywhere near the bowl, my sister won't eat anything out of it. Also, mom has to change the water about 10 times a day as I seem to constantly get mud, bits of leaves etc. in there. My sister Pepper won't drink the dirty water. I will drink ANYTHING. I love to slurp up puddles or lick the water off my mom's legs when she gets out of the shower. Yesterday, I tried to jump in the shower while my mom was in there.

Also my sister doesn't like it when the humans yell as she is very sensitive to that. She cannot understand the humans are yelling at me, not at her and she looks sad and upset when she hears the yelling. So my mom and dad have to comfort her a lot and tell he she is good. I am trying to be good but I am so curious about the world, I have to investigate everything and see what everything tastes like and smells like. Also, if I find something I like, I have to bring it in the house. So now the living room is full of sticks, leaves and muddy toys. Mom is angry as she says something called "grandparents" are coming tomorrow and that we have to clean up before they come. And that my piles of chewed up leaves and sticks are a big mess that have to be cleaned up.

Day 7

Today was the first day I was very bad. It was a normal day at the start. I went in the crate while my mom and dad went to work and Sabanna came to play with me and let me go outside at 1pm.

Mom got home at around 4.30 and she was very tired. So she wanted to watch TV and have a little break. I was busy playing outside and when I came in mom had nodded off on the sofa. I am normally a good boy but while mom was asleep I went down to the green room and did a giant poop on the floor, despite the fact that the back door as open and I could have easily gone outside.

Mom was very angry when she found the poop but she said at least it was on the tiled floor not the carpet and she cleaned it up with bleach. I don't really see what the problem is. When you gotta poo, you gotta poo.

Then later my sister came home from doggie day care and we were supposed to play while mom cooked dinner. However, we kept getting in fights over toys and chew bones. Whatever my sister had, I wanted and vice versa. In the end my mom had to sit between me and my sister on the sofa and wait for dad to get home to cook dinner. Then when dinner was ready, I jumped up and swiped a huge chunk of food off mom's plate. Mom was livid. I know I am not supposed to have human food or bother the humans while eating but it did smell very good and I am fast, I knew I could grab some without anyone noticing. Mom was very angry and there was a lot of yelling. I knew I was bad and I went and laid on the sofa and looked sorry. Mom came and petted me so I knew I was forgiven.

Well, the upside of being so bad was that I was very tired and let the humans have a good long sleep.

Day 6

Thursdays are the best days! My mom can come home early from work and we can go on adventures. Today my mom took me in the car for the first time and I was a very good boy. I had to wear a dog seat belt which I was not crazy about but I did sit nice and quiet next to my mom while she was driving.
We went to this magical place called "Pet Smart". My mom got me some food and a "bully" stick to chew on. I also got a Kong to keep me entertained. After the store, mom took me to Kinder Farm Park and we went on an epic walk. We say many kinds of wild birds (including geese which didn't seem very nice) and two groups of deer. We also met a lady out horse riding. We saw some sheep and cows and people playing lacrosse and soccer. I walked two miles. I was very tired when we got back in the car.

On the way home we stopped to pick up my sister from the doggie day care place. the daycare people thought I was very cute and said that they could not wait until I am big enough to come and play there. Mom made me an appointment for the vet for next Thursday so I can get my rabies vaccine if I am old enough.

I was very tired when I got home and I had a big nap while my mom and dad went out for a nice dinner with my foster parents Ann and David. However, when my parents got home I had such a good rest I was full of beans and wanted to play until 2am despite my mom taking me out for a walk at midnight. I did have a good sleep through the night.

Day 5

Mom and Dad were very very happy this morning as I slept from 12.30 am to 8am. The humans seem much happier when I let them sleep more. I think I just needed to adjust to the sounds of the house at night.We had some nice play time and then I had to go in the crate while everyone went to work. One day I will have my vaccines and I can go to doggie daycare with my sister. But for now, I have to stay home and wait for Sabanna to come and let me out at lunch time. When my sister came home we had a big play in the back yard and I got very tired. Mom and Dad put me in the crate and went out for dinner. When they came home I was very hyper and did a lot of barking and running around. However, I got nice and tired again and was able to sleep from 2am to 8am which the humans appreciated.

Day 4

Today was a bit of an unexciting day. Mom and Dad went to work so I had to be in the crate again but Sabanna my pet sitter came to let me out and play with me at lunch time. Mom came home around 4pm and we went for a nice walk and played in the yard. Then my sister came home and we played for a while too. Mom had to go to bed at 8.30 pm as she was exhausted from getting up with me 3 times in the night.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 3

This morning my mom had a nice lady called Jennifer come around to meet me. Jennifer is going to come every day to let me out at lunch time so I don't have to hold my pees and poos for too long. Then my mom put me in the crate so she could go to work. I was not happy and did a lot of yowling. It wasn't too long until my pet sitter came. She fed me lunch and let me out to play in the back yard for a while. Then I had to go back in the crate until my mom came home.

Mom and me sat out the back and mom did her microbiology work. I tried to help mom by bringing her some sticks to help with the microbiology. Mom wasn't that impressed. I got a really big stick but I couldn't get it up the steps. Maybe when I am bigger. Then I barked at the cover on the BBQ which was flapping in the wind. Mom says I need to get better hobbies and showed me that the cover was not too scarey. Then mom had to go back to work for her night class so it was back in the crate again.

But very soon after that my Daddy came home with my sister. My sister was in a better mood and played with me in the back yard for a while. I love the yard. My sister introduced me to digging. It is SO MUCH FUN. I have made my very own hole. I'm not sure what we are digging for but I like it. Then my dad took me on a nice long walk. I met another dog called Violet on the walk. This was my longest walk yet-Dad said we did the "big"block. I was very tired when we got back and took a nice nap while Dad had dinner. Before I knew it Mom was home again and we snuggled for a while.

Dad told Mom that one of my front baby teeth is missing. Mom says we really have to go see the vet so we can learn what is right for puppies like me and start to get my vaccinations. I am quite tired. Today was a big day with lots of activity.

Day 2

I got through my first night in my new home. I did get up at 3.58 am and again at 6.30 am. My mom was not amused. She does not like getting up in the night. I was just trying to be a good boy and do my pee's outside.

My mom and Dad were both grumpy all day as they were tired and it was pelting rain. I had a lot of energy but mom dad and my sister seemed to just want to sleep. My sister was very grumpy today. She just wanted to sleep in her fort of blankets but I wanted to play REALLY BAD. But my sister kept growling at me. I tried to get her attention by barking a lot but that just made everyone more angry. Eventually mom said we all had to go for a walk even though it was raining really cold rain. So all 4 of us went for a walk and when we were half way done it started to sleet. Mom and Dad were more grumpy than ever as we walked in the pelting sleet. We were so cold and wet when we got home. Mom wrapped me in a towel and a blanket and I had a good long sleep on her lap. Mom and Dad were happier as they got to watch a movie and my sister Pepper had some peace.

We went to bed and again I got up twice in the night. Once I had to make a pee but the other time I just wanted to go outside and see what wind was. Mom was not happy about that. Mom says this is a selfie and all the cool kids are doing it.